Against All Odds

Against All Odds

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Alone against odds

Live to tell another day

High school had just finished, 8 boys having a little fun before they go in to the real world, Nick, Terry, James, Luke, Jack, Tom, John and Nathan. All 8 boys have been close mates from the start of high school. They decided to go on a yacht cruise on James’ father’s yacht, it was 22 feet long and fairly new. As most teenagers do, they get into mischief, the boys pinched bags full of chemicals and materials from the science lab on ‘Muck-up day’, and they took all of it on the yacht. The boys mucked around with the explosive materials, until one of there experiments went wrong, causing wild sparks, which set alight on an electrical cord. With a matter of minutes, the yacht was on fire! All the boys grabbed what they could, with all electricity being out. Nick, Tom, James and Nathan stayed together while the other four boys went separately. The boat sank rapidly and did not leave enough time for survival, Terry, Luke, Jack and John all sadly past away while the boat sank on the 2nd of January 2009, in the sea of Whyalla.

Nick had been unconscious for a while, when he finally opened his eyes, he saw Tom, James and Nathan standing above him, they were glad to see he opened his eyes and wake up. The boys gathered everything they rescued from the boat, all they had was an esky with a few packets of chips n biscuits, a bag with lighter, matches, axe and also bought the bag of chemicals and materials. With Nathan volunteering to find some food, he went off while looking in what looked to be a deserted island. Nick, James and Tom stayed at where they decide to camp out. Nathan had been a while; it wasn’t too long until the rest of the boys heard ‘AH HELP!’ the boys ran as quick as they could into the deeper parts of the forest. After around a 500 meter walk, they saw something upsetting. They found Nathan just there on the ground, dead, he had been squashed by a large piece that had broken of a cliff!

2 weeks had...

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