Agaram Foundation

What is AGARAM??

AGARAM is non-governmental organization run by several volunteers who are made up of actors, teachers and many other well-known professionals in Tamil Nadu, India. An actor, Mr Suriya Sivakumar in the year of 2005, started this foundation with the help of his family and friends. The reason behind the establishment of this foundation was to help illiterate children and also overcome child labour, child poverty in Tamil Nadu The students should be schooling instead of working as the rate of child labours in India is extremely high. Its not only for unprivileged children but for students who are unable to continue their studies due to many reasons and circumstances. Agaram strongly beliefs that only education can eliminate social problems for the future generations in Tamil Nadu.
Agaram Foundation works towards providing appropriate learning opportunities to the rural populace who do not otherwise have access to quality education. Suriya, along with his father and brother, has also extended help towards the education of Sri Lankan Tamil children on behalf of the Sivakumar Charitable Trust (under his father’s name). He is also an active participant in other philanthropic works such as "Save The Tigers" campaign, which aids in the protection and preservation of Tigers in India, and "REACH", a non-profit that cures TB patients for free using supervised medication programs. The actor celebrates every birthday by doing charity work across Tamil Nadu. By the year 2013 it is reported that 68 actors and actresses are involved in the foundation to fund for these students.

Their Vision

"To bring about a significant positive change in the socio-economic status of the rural society by offering quality education to the deserving individual."

Suriya Sivakumar, The Founder.
Their Missions

To identify educational institutions where we can enhance the quality of amenities and the faculty. This will in turn bring about a...