Creating an Agenda
Tatayana Mcfaddin
Diane Ellison
May 16, 2016

Team Assignment Meeting
May 16, 2016
Place: Skype Video Meeting

Meeting Roles
Facilitator: Chris White
Time-Keeper: Ashley Haute
Refreshments: Mike Lawler
Note-Taker: Steve Lacoste
Buddy for Absent Member: Karen Bradford

Meeting Objective:
1. Make a group charter.
2. Talk about group tasks.
3. Choose a role for each individual.
4. Dates everything that is due.

Next Meeting Dates and Places:
Time item type of action
-Decision Required

9:00 Welcome/ Introduction Information Sharing

9:15 Group Charter Discussion

10:15 Going Over Group Tasks Discussion

11:15 Choose Each Individual Job for discussing


Noon Deadlines to hand in your portions discussion.
Complete meeting evaluation and adjourn

I believe virtual meeting are sure happening more and more in our world today. Being virtual you must make sure that people are paying attention, it is easy for many to get distracted and miss something. I think going virtual it is going to be easier for people to not fully understand what one is saying, as there is a lot of non-verbal communication that happens. Going virtual is going to consist of great communications, lots of trust and respect. In order to ensure my group meets communicating effectively is to make sure my group members have internet access or if their internet access is slower they can go somewhere that has reliable internet access. Another thing would be to make sure they have the right programs on their computer, in case they needed such as adobe, etc. Without the right internet and programs then the meetings cannot effectively go on. Each team member needs to be signed on, and at the meeting at the correct time as well as making sure they have a camera that has access to videos and the video program called skype on their...

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