Agronomic Parameters in Measuring Forages

Agronomic Parameters in Measuring Forages

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1. Plant height (cm)

2. Number of leaf per plant

3. Leaf length (cm)

4. Leaf breadth (cm)

5. Leaf per stem ratio

6. Number of branch per plant

7. Leaf colour

8. Flower colour

9. Pod length (cm)

10. Number of seeds per pod

11. Length and number of flower

12. Stem thickness

• Leaf per stem ratio- This describes the proportion of leaf/stem in a sampled forage legume. Is determined by separating a selected legume into leaf and stem components each of which will then be separately weighed and the percentage of each components will be determined as follows:

% leaf= weight of leaf/weight of the sample x 100

• Plant height (cm)- This is estimated by measuring with aid of meter rule the height of a forage legume from the ground level to the apex of the stem. It is usual measured in cm. This parameter is mostly measurable in legumes with erect growing pattern such as Stylo spp.

• Number of leaf per plant- This is estimated by physical counting of present on a selected forage legume. This may be done in respect to a particular treatment (i.e. fertilizer application, re-growth rate after grazing, etc) as the knowledge of this will help the preferment of such legume for livestock feeding. However, plant age and soil fertility are among the factors affecting number of leaf per plant both between and within a species.

• Pod length (cm/mm)- This is direct measuring of the pod produced by a legume (e.g. Lablab spp., Leucaena leucocephala est.) with the aid of a meter rule (in mm or cm). Pod length determines the number of seeds per pod which is very important for legumes which seeds are subject to further processing such as Glyxine spp.

• Flower colour- Colour is estimated by individual visual observation, the extent of brightness is based on individuality, degree of which should not be too...

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