Aids in Africa

Aids in Africa

1. The rise in the level of HIV/AIDS in South Africa/Uganda is a direct impact of an increased level of stigmatization, poverty and gender inequality
Stigma : how do we treat homosexuals in Africa. Which people are said to be the cause of HIV/AIDS? How do we treat AIDS as a disease (it is considered an evil disease- superstition, religion, cultural norms
2. Poverty: lack of education, low literacy rate = lack of access to information, poverty : how can afford health services? Inadequate health services for people living with AIDS, lack of testing services. Passing it through wrong medical methods (blood transfusion etc)
Rural and urban places : transportation cost to travel to the city for medical attention,
3. Gender inequality

* The ability of men to have multiple sexual partners
* Polygamy-
* Rape
4. Uganda as a success story in regards to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa is a result of a strategic political approach
* Abstinence
* Be faithful
* Condom use

5. The rise in the HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected high prevalent countries like Kenya or South Africa negatively in terms of social, economic and political development
* Social : stigma / lack of social togetherness because fear
* Economic- government bears the high burden of cost of taking care of sick people
If more people are sick they would not be able to go to work and earn money to take care of themselves eventually they would have to depend or the government or become poor
When more people are sick or dying there is decreased level of human resource .
* Example If there is a lot of young people affected .

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