Addicted to Sex By Angela Brown

It was the bottom of my sophomore year of high school. I had not had a boyfriend but I wanted one so badly in how I got one. I met him through my cousin. He was my cousin's best friend. I thought I could find a trustworthy boyfriend if I dated a close friend. He lived in Mississippi which is a long way from Las Vegas. I thought I needed someone in my life to share my life because of my fast friend's relations with boys. I knew nothing about Aids. It was not until the nineties where the epidemic was full blown.

Larry and I would spend hours on the phone visiting with one another. He was an athlete jock. I guess that is what I liked about him the most. When I arrived in Mississippi we planned to spend time at the movies and out eating ice cream, bowling and chilling at the mall arcade. I trusted him with my life. He came to be known as a good person I could confide in with my inner feelings. I felt good around him. He felt good around me. From all I knew this was the grounds for a good relationships. We had good vibes for one another.

In the mean while we spent a lot of time together writing letters and talking endless hours on the phone long distance. It was our only form of communication.

It happened that night during X-mas vacation. Larry told me that he missed me a lot and wanted to spend time with me. I felt comfortable enough to ask him to visit at my cousin's house. I felt nervous at first inviting him over because I promised that our night would be that night together I lost my virginity to him. He would be my first. It was going to be a special night for us to spend together.

When Larry got there we spent time listening to music playing cards while entertaining my cousins. No one was to suspect anything between us would happen. The second we were left in the room together Larry asked me for a kiss. It was then we began to passionately kiss one another. I felt the heat...