Air France Analysis

Air France Analysis

Robert Johnson November 18, 2009
Marketing Research
Air France Internet Marketing:
Optimizing Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Kayak Sponsored Search

In order to establish itself as a major competitor in the airline industry, AirFrance had to deploy ideal marketing campaigns. AirFrance’s media solution provider was Media Contacts. Media Contacts had to launch an optimal Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan. The search engine publishers AirFrance decided to market with were Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Kayak. Coming up with the optimal SEM included extensive research for high returning keywords and phrases. Media Contacts’ goal was to develop a strategy that would maximize AirFrance’s return on investment.

When developing this campaign, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Kayak all must be looked at individually. All four use different search matrices and supply users with different services. Also, each of these search engine publishers has different cost per click expenses and probabilities of booking. Users of these search engines varied from demographics as well as exposure and goals. Due to these differences, Media Contacts should not recommend a uniform strategy; they must tailor each publisher strategy to maximize return on investment.

Google is a high cost publisher. They have one the highest cost per click expenses. The cost per click expense is the price for each time a search engine leads a user to click on the advertisement. Although Google has such a high cost per click price, they have a high probability to book. They must have a search engine marketing campaign strategy to decrease costs. Successfully decreasing costs can be achieved by adjusting bid strategy, match type, keyword selection, or position. Media Contacts must identify characteristics of search engine campaigns with high return on investments and then use this identical strategy in their future campaigns.

Yahoo and MSN on the other hand, have lower costs per click than Google. Yahoo...

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