Air India Sucks

Air India Sucks

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india's national airline or have bullock cart services gone airborne.....
Firstly, i apologise to all the bullock cart operators in India for comparing them with air India.... but the recent events just raise a huge question mark on the quality of the airline which is said to be the Indian carrier... this is a huge blot on the growing and booming Indian aviation industry. this is just an other example of how far the private sector exceed the government sector in terms of quality. by quality, i mean quality in every aspect. quality of aircraft, quality of service, quality of food served and the quality of the airhostessess.

for all you wondering why this outburst.... maybe u need to read some news instead of my blog. (for all u retards..... just google air India Mangalore) i mean a flight a flight crash was not enough for the great national carrier of india to wake up from a dream of it being the undisputed leader in the indian aviation history. that dream was a truth in the past, but its high time air India realises that there is a huge need for a major revamp. i mean, after Mangalore, one more crash was just averted when the flight from Dubai to Pune almost crashed in muscat. it is a shame that air India did not have any response for the aggrieved passengers when they arrived in pune. there was no medical support provided to the passengers upon landing. and in spite of literally being stripped naked and insulted, air India is still sleeping with no dream.

i will share an experience. i was supposed to fly from pune to Dubai in an air india express flight. this flight was cancelled due to technical problems... fine. every flight may have a technical difficulty. but the baffling aspect is that, this technically damaged aircraft was cleared by the air India maintenance staff in Mumbai. this just shows the level of shamelessness and carelessness prevalent in the system.

i am very sure that if air India is still in government control, every person flying air...

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