The Begining

The Secret Service Division was created on july 5, 1865 in

Washington D.C. It originally was created to stop counterfeit currency.

Shortly after the secret service responsibilities where broadened including

frauds against the government in 1883 secret service was officially

recongnized as a distinct organization. It wasnt until 1894 that the

secret service began to protect the President part time. After the assasination

of president William Mckindley Secret Service had full time responsibility for

protection of the president and white house detail.


Congress authorized perminent protection of the president and the elect.

In 1922 the White House police force was created at request of President

Harding. Not too long after it was placed under supervision of the

Secret Service. A couple years pass congress inacts many more public laws

like protection of Vice President and elect. Major presidential candidates and

nominees, presidents widows until death and children until age of 16 were

now under S.S. protection. In1971 Secret Service authorized protection for

visiting heads of foreign states or governments. As many years pass the S.S.

responsibilities kept growing and in 1990 received jurisdiction to conduct any

kind of investigation civil or criminal related federally.

Being a top law enforcement organization in the world. Secret Service

Special Agents carry out assignments that include investigation as well as

protection. They must be availabe to be assigned to duty stations around the

world. Another organization in secret service is a uniformed

division ( White House Police Force). These uniformed division officers carry

out their protected jobs through a network, foot, bicycle, and motored patrols.