Airport Enfidha-Tunisia

Airport Enfidha-Tunisia

Enfidha airport, Tunisia

Tunisia is a country which has promoted its assets well. It has developed facilities for tourism and is now one of the premier destinations in Africa for holidaying Europeans with year round sunshine, excellent hotels, and beaches, fine golf courses, and first class service.
The country contains a large proportion of the Sahara Desert but even this is an asset to tourism.
Tunisia may be reached by traveling to one of six international airports around the country: Tunis-Carthage (8 kilometers from the capital Tunis), Jerba-Zarzis Airport, Monastir H.Bourguiba Airport, Sfax-Thyna Airport, Touzeur-Nefta Airport or 7 November-Tabarka Airport. All these airports are fairly small with limited facilities for the sophisticated air traveler.
In 2004 the Tunisian goverment decided that a new airport should be built on a 6,500 ha at Enfidha, a state-of-the-art international airport complex with first-class shopping, restaurants, entertainment facilities and service for the airlines and passengers. More importantly, the airport was to be situated at Enfidha, to the north east of the country about 80 Km south of the capital Tunis but in the middle of a major tourist region.
Project, Bids, and Contracts

‘Aéroport de Paris’ (ADP) completed the design of the new international airport at Enfidha in the final quarter of 2001 (contact worth $9.6million) and also prepared the tender documents for the contracts relating to the construction in mid-2006. The construction plans call for building the airport in several phases; the first phase of the airport will have a passenger handling capacity of five million a year. However subsequent phases are expected to increase the capacity to ten million and then 30 million in the longer-term. The Tunisian government (Ministry of Communications Technologies and Transport) and the Tunisian Airport Authority (OACA) has approved the design brief for the project produced by ADP.

Enfidha Airport, design and...

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