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A Depending Writer

Writing is one of the most important things in the world because we have to write to be able to express our ideas or to give an important message to another person. My writing experience started when I was a little kid, I took a color pencil and started writing things on a paper or on the walls. That wasn’t good but it was writing. I like to write much of the time when I am in hurry or the day before turning in the assignment because I know it is obligatory to write and I have something that is pushing me to write. But if I start to write some days before I don’t write the same and the ideas don’t flow through my mind because I know I have some plenty of time before the due date.

I started writing fluently or important things when I went to school and teachers taught me writing numbers and letters in alphabetical order. That was an important step in my life because I was learning something that I was never going to end using. In elementary school we used to write a lot because we had some spelling and hand writing classes where the teachers taught us to write in cursive, which was the only way to write. We didn’t have any other choice. In high school teachers didn’t have so much interest in the hand writing so they didn’t care if we write in cursive or not, so as normal writing was faster and better we left cursive writing.

Our last years were full of writings. We had to write every day in every class, so it started to be very boring. When we had to write about things we liked or the topic was free then it was very interesting and very fast because we knew about the topic and we were writing about things we liked and not nonsense that the teacher wanted to read, because that was for the interest of the teacher and most of the times we didn’t liked our topic and we had to research a lot.

Our history and logic class were very boring because they were too long and most of the times we didn’t understand what the...