“remember, every single person in the world has a different thumbprint. there are no two people alike, at all, in the whole world! GoD has a reason for doing that! because each and every one of us has our unique purpose in the world.”

how amazing is that?? it sounds sooo simple, but if you think about it, totoo!!

i remember how my friend told me, “you are everyone you meet in your life”. i so believe in that. every single person we meet in our life is a part of us. whether they were someone we shared our life with, they influenced us in a good way, they hurt us and made us learn a valuable lesson, they were mean and so we vowed not to be mean like them, whether the person wore something we liked, smiled and warmed our heart, made us laugh, or cry, all that, is part of us. and so how can any two people possibly be identical?

imagine. all of us have a unique contribution to the world precisely because of the unique person that we are. we may have our insecurities and shortcomings, but given that, we still have our strengths and good works that we can use to contribute to our family, circle of friends, community, country.

we may not be as good-looking, rich, educated, famous, influential as other people, but in our less good-looking, less rich, less educated, less famous, and less influential self, we can touch people’s lives, make a difference in our own little way, and love others big time. that, no one, as in no one, can ever take away from us.

so if you ever feel down.. if you ever feel like you have no purpose in the world.. if you ever feel like asking “will anybody care if i’m gone?” just remember that we are all made uniquely, and whatever effect we've had on the people we love, on the people around us, and on the world, is our effect alone that no one else can replace. we are irreplaceable.

i still don’t know what exactly GoD’s purpose for me is, i’ve felt down, i’ve felt neglected.. after i had this life talk, i told myself...