Akins Dies

Akins Dies

Atkins's Low-Carb diet makes waves in food industry

What is the gist of the article?

The Atkins low-carb diet has become a household word for many consumers with an estimated 32 million people on low-carb diets. Due to the great consumer interest in low-carb diets, restaurants, grocery stores and other food businesses are revising their menus, adding products to their inventory list so as to be apart of this money maker.

What problem is the author trying to solve or what idea is he/she presenting?

The consumer interest of the Atkins’ low carb diet is something that has really taken off in many different directions than when originally started. Numerous national chain restaurants are selling alternatives to their menu items making them “Atkins’ approved”. Grocery stores and other food business are also altering their selections as to accommodate those that are on this eating regimen as well.

The low-carb diet craze is also affecting more than just the waist line of its consumers. It has upset the bread and potato industry because the question “French fries, baked potato or rice” is something that the low-carb dieters don’t want to hear and simply turn down to replace with something that is low-carb approved.

How do the writer’s ideas or solution related to your place of employment?

Due to the fact that my place of employments main focus is to serve “Family Style Chicken Dinners”, this low-carb diet would have a huge impact. Many of the items on the menu are loaded with starches and carbs. As of yet they have not added “Atkins’ approved” diet items. The mission statement of the company is that “Every Guest Leaves Satisfied” so, if something would need to be changed to accommodate a guest’s request of a low-carb meal, then it would be done.

Is there a method of thinking or a metaphor implied in this piece that you could adopt to solve a problem in your life or place of employment?

There is...

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