Albania of Chromium Ores

Albania of Chromium Ores

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Throughout the communist era that lasted from the Second World War until 1989, Albania was one of the primary producers of chromite in the world. In the 1980's, Albania was the third largest chromite producer in the world with over one million tonnes produced annually. Some 80% came from the Bulqiza and Batra mines* that underlie Columbus Copper's principal chromite licence. This chromite was, and still is, recognised as some of the finest quality in the world due to its high chrome to iron ratio that commonly exceeds 2.5:1 with best grades in excess of 3:1. This places Albania along with Kazakhstan and Turkey as countries that produce high grade (+38% Cr2O3) and high quality premium-priced direct shipping ore that goes into high quality stainless steel.

Common coarse magnetite iron ore crushers are jaw crusher (primary crusher) and cone crusher or fine jaw crusher (secondary crusher). Vibrating screen is used to separate large particles from small ones. If the product is still too large, you can add a ball mill for magnetite particle milling. 1. Consulting:iron ore-body, production and market evaluation assesses project viability. 2. Concept to feasibility, including pilot-plant and test-rig studies to assist in bankable documents. 3. In-house laboratory for cost-effective and prompt scoping work, as a basis for structuring project definitions. 4. Project management:all phases of the project, from inception through design and construction to commissioning, maximising the success and profitability of the venture. 5. Comprehensive spares and after-sales back-up.

Beneficiation operations typically serve to separate and concentrate mineral values from waste materials, remove the impurities or prepare the ore for further refinement. Beneficiation activities do not change the mineral values themselves other than by reducing (crushing and grinding) or enlarging (pelletising and briquetting) particle size to facilitate further processes. Chromite ore is...

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