Albert Case

Albert Case

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Course: PSY 254

Assignment: Albert Case


• Albert’s parents constantly used the words “basket case” conveying that Albert is “crazy” unless he would get himself under control. Stating phrases like this doesn’t help a child build a good sense of self or self of esteem. This can have adverse effects on how the brain develops.

• After a period of time, Albert began to show sign(s) of concern; not eating (eating very little, staying up all night, sit in a chair for hours in thought, not reporting to work, denying any degree of difficulty he was having.

History has led us through great strides in the biological origin of psychological disorders. From electric shock and brain surgery to doses of insulin to increase appetite, this was how most biological methods were dealt with. Today, most patients are given doses of medication to try and stabilize any hallucinations and or delusions in the thought process.
In the case of Albert, there were signs at the very beginning as a child, but went undetected and unnoticed. Parents weren’t a positive rein forcer for Albert. I believe they caused more harm then good. Albert first interaction with a doctor was just to be given a “minor tranquilizer” and be sent home for observation. Without diagnosing a person, just prescribing a drug isn’t going to get to the core of the problem(s).


• Albert was imagining bad things would happen to and or possibly “screw things up.”

• Albert was found himself getting more and more irritable, and angry. Albert was found distort, lost in a parking lot with not coat and no slippers (or anything on his feet), crying and unable to identify himself.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy focuses on identifying trauma and active defense mechanisms. Most therapists try focusing on the affect and expressions of patients’ emotions, explore patients’ attempts to avoid topics that hinder progress of...

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