Alberta Oil Sands

Alberta Oil Sands

- Located in Alberta, Canada

- Near Fort McMurray

- Causes a lot of pollution

- Provides lots of jobs

- Has very crude oil

- Gains a lot of money for government

- Destroys the environment

- Causes political conflict and both domestic and globally

- Rapid growth

- Lots of Environmental Groups against the oil sands

- Greenpeace -Pembina Institute -Local Natives

Problem:The oil sands is a major environmental polluter, it destroys water, by making them into tailing ponds, it is the second fastest rate of deforestation, it has more then one type of pollution. It has air pollution, lots of vehicles and machine equipment is involved in the tar sands. Also this oil, that is call bitumen is the most harmful oil in the world for the atmosphere. It has land pollution, there is a lot of deforestation or clear cutting, it has lots of water pollution, since they use water to extract the oil, the extra water ends up in tailing ponds and just ends up sitting there. Since in the areas of these tailing ponds there is full access to animals. Which causes deaths , or deathly injuries to animals. There has been a lot of examples on commercials and therefore about animals who get covered in oil and stuck. This is what happens to many of the animals that get stuck in the tailing ponds. In general it takes 2-4.5 barrels of water to produce one barrel of oil, that is a major waste. The oil sands is also causes a huge impact when it comes to climate change, since there is production of both bitumen and synthetic crude oil emits tons of greenhouse gases. There are many groups formed to stop the tar sands, since it is such a major polluter to our environment but there is also many groups the promote the production of the oil because it makes our government a lot of money, and provides plenty of employment. Not only is it effecting the environment it is also effecting the people that live near the tar sands, it has gone into there local river...

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