Alcohol & Ethics

Alcohol & Ethics

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Alcohol, does it have a
place in our society?
Ronald Hall
Philosophy 107
Dr. Isbell
August 1, 2008

Alcohol consumption has long been a heated debate among neighbors. On one stance those against the consumption feel that the dangers posed by their inebriation are not worth the risk, while the others feel it is their right to consume alcohol. Another ethical issue arises in the case of underage drinking and how to handle the issue. When alcohol is to blame for fatal accidents we often wonder does the blame go to who served the alcohol, is the consumption worth the risk versus the potential health reward, and are the large companies liable for the actions of their customers. Our fictional characters Gary and Larry are face with a situation where a decision must be made that could affect them for the rest of their lives.

Pro sporting events, bars and pubs, neighborhood corners, and college campuses all possess one common factor, the presence of alcoholic drinks. The beverage made for adult consumption that often causes impaired judgment has been a hot topic for debate for years. Those who oppose the consumption of alcohol argue the facts about the number of driving accidents; potentially harmful health risks, underage drinking, and others in some religious communities have banned it altogether. For the others who are for alcohol consumption there is the feeling that while there are those who irresponsibly use alcohol there are others who are responsible. The uses range from relaxation, to enjoying sporting events, casual drinking, and to some it is a way to fit in with peers. The next few pages will address the issue of if alcohol really has a place in society or should it be banned as other controlled substances. Furthermore let’s give a true to life example. Gary is a proud father of two who enjoys working and volunteering at the local park. His friend Larry is more reserved and likes to spend his time doing chores...

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