Alcoholics and Their Psyche

Alcoholics and Their Psyche

There have been times when we all have gotten carried away, and had more than those two glasses of wine and ended up with a terrible hangover and that absurd feeling in the gut. Imagine having that feeling every single day of your life and the intensity of the feeling approaching extremities. To top it up imagine a numbing emotional feeling, a pressing need to consume - consume not just a glass, not just a bottle but innumerable number of bottles to satiate the desperate protruding need. That's exactly how an alcoholic feels every single day of his life!

Alcoholism is more to do about the emotional addiction rather than the physical one. It's that desperate need to consume and that disturbing need to obliterate. It's easy for normal people to get on with their life once they have experienced that high flying feeling when one's drunk. But for addicts its not the same, a fun time at a party can lead them to a drinking binge. A person becomes an addict when he starts consuming alcohol to extremities not just because he wants to get that high feeling, but when they start treating alcohol as a tool to escape. Escape from their fears, escape from their insecurities, escape from their sins, escape from reality and sometimes escape from life itself.

Alcoholism doesn't just destroy the alcoholic's life, but it affects his family and friends in the worse way that one can be affected. It robs the person of his respect and dignity. It robs the family of that dear one who's trapped and lost in the tangle of the addiction. Besides the physical pain and ailments, alcoholism affects the person emotionally. It numbs him of any feeling and kills the spirit of the person. It makes the person so desperate that he can go up to any extremities to satiate his quench for alcohol.

Alcoholism is an emotional disorder and needs to be treated accordingly. There are many support groups and associations that work for the cause. One of the renowned...

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