Studies have shown at heavy drinking causes brain damage and loss of memory. According to research, two out five college students are binge drinkers also, women who moderately drink and due heavy drinking are at greater risk of developing serious illnesses.

A study was made by The International Society for Biomedical in alcoholism, they demonstrated that brains of alcoholics are smaller than the non alcoholic brains. A number of toxic and metabolic nutritional factors interact in a same way to cause brain damage on people who abuse or depend on alcohol. When a person is alcoholic, permanent and transient things occur in the brain. For example, nerve cells are loss, and they cannot be replace or recover. People who are heavy drinkers and continue to drink over the years are more likely to have alcohol dementia and affect their memories, in addition they are having difficulty in making their own decisions.

Wake Forest School of Medicine have research on college students that drink, their research have found that students who get drunk at least once weekly were three times more likely to be hurt or injured due to their own drinking than the student who do not report getting drunk. Mary Claire O'Brien medical assistant of emergency medicine and pubic health sciences at Wake Forest's School of Medicine, said "student who get drunk at least once a weekly were three times more likely to be in an automobile accident caused by someone who was drinking". Students who are binge drinkers are twenty one times more likely to suffer consequences such as

  • Be hurt or injured
  • Drive a car after drinking
  • Engage in unprotected sex

    Women and men absorb and metabolize alcohol differently; women are at greater risk of alcohol related problems. When alcohol increases in women's they are greater risk of developing serious illnesses caused by alcohol abuse, such as

  • Heart disease...

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