All about yoga

All about yoga


1) How old is yoga: 5,000 years old. (13) ( mind, body, spirit)
Origin; Indus Valley, 3000 BC. First mentioned in the scriptures called Vedas, which dates from 2500 BC. Upanishads, (Vedas) provide main foundation of Yoga. In ancient India. Yoga is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy. They are found in stone seals showing figures in yogic postures. (Indus Valley)

2)The meaning of yoga- (15) to reunite the individual Self (jiva) with the Absolute or pure consciousness (Brahman)- in fact the word Yoga literally means “joining”
Physiology???******** MISSING*** Relives stress, helps with mental distortion, good for high blood pressure, cholestreal

3) Realsubg nebtak tebsion, inteal organs, glands, nerves resource of energy.

4) Principles of Yoga. (21) five principles of Yoga. one: proper relaxation- releases tension in the muscles and rests the whole system leaving you refreshed. Two; a proper diet- nourishing and well-balanced, based on natural foods. Three; proper exercise- which work on all parts of the body, stretching, and toning the muscles. Four; positive thinking and meditation- help you to remove negative thoughts. Five; Proper breathing; means breathing fully and rhythmically, making use of all your lungs to increase your intake of oxygen

5) List Stages & elements of Asana- Position & Positioning--- Position (the flow of yoga- contort your body) (3 stages)—1 moving into pose 2 holding pose 3 leaving the pose. Positioning- Travel into essence of your pose.

6)Chakra- (69) centres of energy in the astral body, there are seven of them. Six of them are located along the Sushumna; the seventh the Sahasrara Charkra (at the crown of the head) 1) Muladhara (sacral plexus, Sushumna) 2) Swadhisthana (prostatic plexus, Sushumna) 3) Manipura ( Solar plexus, Sushumna) 4) Anahata (Heart, Sushumna) 5) Vishudda ( Throat, Sushumna) 6) Ajna (eyebrows, Sushumna) 7) Sahasrara ( pineal gland, Samadhi) (crown,...

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