All Community Profile

All Community Profile

Ridge Spring, SC Community

Type of people who live in the community?

The community is very rural and the population is very low. The people who live here are mostly older and have been here all of their life. There are rarely any newcomers in the community unless they are babies. Some of the people that are here has left after graduating high school and returned after retirement.

Type of work residents do?

Most of the people here work in manufacturing plants in nearby cities. There are some that work at the schools and small stores in the community. There are also some farmers who own large farms in the community. There are very few professionals such as lawyers and doctors being this is such a small community and there is not a large demand for them.

How and where members of the community interact such as festival, grocery stores, community events, and so forth.

There is an annual Harvest Festival in the town of Ridge Spring that is held every year in the late October. People travel from all over to attend this festival. There is a meat market that is also very popular. People from Georgia and all over South Carolina travel here to just shop here. It is also a large yard sale that happens once a year in June where everyone on the highway has different things they want to sale out for the people who traveling through can stop and buy from them.

How would you describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community?

The responsibilities for individuals are being assertive in community events and decision that affect the community. Individuals should be active in services that benefit the community. Individuals should volunteer their time to the youth that are in the community like Boy Scout and Girl Scout and tutoring programs.

What are the community’s responsibilities to the individuals?

The community should provide services that benefit the community as a whole. They should provide programs that will help the youth...

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