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SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY University of Waterloo
Psych 253 (Sec 001) Winter 2009

Instructor: Richard Ennis
Office Hours: Monday 12:30 - 2:00, PAS 3017, 888-4567 ext 35333
Class Meetings: Monday & Wednesday, 2:30 - 3:50, AL 116
Required Text: Myers, D. G. and Spencer, S. J. (2006). Social Psychology (3rd Canadian Ed.). Toronto, ON: McGraw-Hill.
Teaching Assistants: Joanna Anderson
Steven Shepherd
Emiko Yoshida

Course Objectives
We are social animals and our thoughts, feelings, and actions are strongly influenced by social environments. This course will introduce you to the many and varied ways of social influence. A primary objective of any "introductory" course is simply that: to introduce you to the subject matter of the discipline and to familiarize you with the vocabulary and concepts. We will explore topics that reflect the diversity of social psychological research such as prejudice, conformity, and relationships. You already have several years of experience in social psychology based on your own observations and knowledge about yourself and your environment. In this course you will see how research has been applied to test intuitive assumptions about social life. You will find that many of your beliefs are scientifically supported; but you will also find many beliefs are refuted by the evidence. Certainly, as a student in this course, you will receive a more comprehensive understanding of yourself and your social world. I also hope that you will develop greater skills of critical thinking that will make you a better consumer of psychological information.
I also hope that you will derive some personal benefits from the course by reaching a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and others. Hopefully, this class will enrich your personal relationships and contribute to your success in your future endeavors.

Course Requirements and...

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