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Business Communication & Ethics NED

Course Instructor: Dr. Sajida Zaki TE IM, PE Bio & Med

Formal Assignment # 1: February 2010
Instructions: This is a group task to be done collectively with joint discussions and equal participation. The assignment (one single collective) should be submitted personally by the group leader in Dr Sajida Zaki’s Office by March 1, 2010.
N.B: (Computer printout needed). While doing the assignment and communicating it to the teacher abide by the principles of communication (7C’s) (4 Tools) so assignment should be well drafted and formatted. This assignment carries sessional marks.

Q: 1
A Classify the following feedback according to the types discussed.
i Could you write down the name of the book and the author that you just mentioned?
ii You are a complete looser!
iii I can understand what you are trying to tell us and I am also aware that you consider this to be the ethically right thing to do.
iv The presentation was informative and it managed to transmit the latest happenings in the field of social computing.

B Identify the barrier that affects communication in the given situations.
Case # 1: You appeared in a job interview through a friend of yours. After the interview your friend told you that “you did pretty okay but since the employers are in search of a particular qualification so they are not hiring you right now but they may consider you in future”. You learnt later that your interview did not go well and the employers were not interested in you at all.
Case # 2: You entered your colleague’s office and found him immensely busy in writing an email. You greeted him and he replied in a hurry without looking at you. You pulled up a chair and started talking to him, but he only made a few murmurs constantly working at the computer desk. You asked him if he was free to offer him a cup of tea and he raised his head in bewilderment and than politely...