Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution

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Potential conflicts may arise between the team members during this course could vary from anything to disagreement in personal opinion, to the interpretation of assignments and how to complete them. Given the fact that all personnel within the team are from various backgrounds and locations, there may be more conflict due to different points of view.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Members assigned to Learning Teams are expected to work together to accomplish the Learning Team’s objective. On some occasions, there will be a dispute within the Learning Team. If this occurs, it is expected to be handled at its lowest level and within the Learning Team. If the dispute cannot be resolved in a civil and timely manner, an alternative dispute resolution will be used to aid the members and to bring the conflict to an end.

The primary purpose of the alternative dispute resolution is to quickly resolve any dispute, reduce strain on other members of the Learning Team, and provide a flexible compromise decision that promotes and reflect consensus between the individuals involved.


If the situation cannot be resolved, an additional person (neutral) will be asked to mediate the situation. The mediator’s objective will be to help the parties involved reach an agreeable solution. This will be done via facilitation communication which will ultimately help them see the other person’s point of view. Mediation can be used among the team members if a dispute arrives between two members. A member of the group could listen to both sides of the dispute, then make a decision to determine which team member has the correct understanding of the problem. The team could then decide as a majority, how the problem will be handled

Conflict Management

In order for the team to overcome these conflicts, all personnel must remain objective and work in a collaborative manner to accomplish the goals and objectives set by the team and the course....

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