Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

These days, people are trying to come up with new ways to conserve

gasoline due to high prices of oil. Alternative fuels have become a new way to

conserve on oil. Company's are mixing ethanol, or corn oil, with gasoline to

reduce the use of oil. They are mixing it at a 10 to 90 ratio also called E10

and at a 85 to 15 ratio called E85. Ethanol should be mixed with gasoline to

reduce the prices of fuels and emmissions of cars at a 10 to 90 ratio. Ethanol

should not be mixed with gasoline at an 85 to 15 ration because to many

modifications are necessary and not enough of an impact is being made.

E85 ethanol is cheaper than unleaded fuel only, but only certain cars

can run on this type of fuel. Certain car manufacturers are customly making

cars so they run on this fuel and reduce emissions. E85 fuel is the best fuel

for the enviroment right now because it gives off the least amount of

emissions. Running this ratio of fuel, we only need to rely on foreign sources

to provide us with little fuel oil because we can make the ethanol out of our

own resources.

Running E10 fuel in your car is the most efficient way to go. It can be

run in any car. It will help reduce the price of gas slightly, without making any

modifications to your car. This makes sense because now even people who

can't afford to buy a new car can help the enviroment and save some money.

Running the E10 fuel in your car will decrease emissions and help reduce the

Ozone affect. E85 requires people to buy a new car inorder to run the fuel

and not everyone can do that. Everyone can run the E10 fuel so everyone

can help out in one way or another. The over all effect of E85 is not worth the

trouble of spending money for certain mods if you can just run E10 in your


In conclusion, we don't know if we will always have the resources to

keep creating this laternative fuel. Using E85 wastes the ethanol...

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