Alternative Gasoline

Alternative Gasoline

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Ms Brooks

Justin Brooks

LA Sibley

My Parents Separation

One day my dad comes home very intoxicated. My dad was getting in a fight with my brother. He was falling over. My mom was pushed over by my dad and they were getting in fights almost every day.

Well, my mom was sick of it and she wanted to send my dad to an alcoholic's facility in North Carolina. He needed to go there for two and a half months. Well at the end of those months my dad graduated. He was like a new father. When we returned my dad went to AA meetings almost every day. He was sober for six months.

Then something bad happened. My brother was into drugs and alcohol. He spent money like it wasn't anything. He's cost my parents about a hundred thousand dollars maybe more. He dropt out of school in the 10th grade. He was getting arrested with pot charges. He also had an open container charge. Was taking my parents medical pills. Stealing money from my parents. He was using my parents for drug money. Then my mom was talking to my brother's best drug friend’s mother. Well my brother’s friend was sent off to school because of taken pills and pot. So, my mom was thinking maybe I should send him off. It would cost $50,000. My brother’s drug problem was caused by my dad's drinking problem. There was so much depression and drama in our house. Then my brother was sent to Montana a drug academy. When he got back he was sober for 1 year 3 month’s and then my brother started to do drugs again.
Then my mom was sick of it, she decided to get a separation. The house went up for sale and my mom got my dad moved out. My mom had my dad sign the separation papers. At the beginning of September he moved out. He is at the Verdae apartments. Then about a month and a half later my mom and I moved into a town home beside Mauldin high.
When I was in my old house I went to Hilcrest middle. Where I live now goes to...

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