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Alumina Inc

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My Masters
Karl Konefal
MGT 521: Management
Dr.Lola Jackson
September 3, 2008

Well here I am August 28, 2008 the first night of my Masters program. I’ve been nervous all day; it’s really happening I am going back to school. I park my car and I am walking up the stairs thinking about what I am about to get myself into and if I am really ready for what is to come. I walk into class, sit down and take a look around the room looking at the other students wondering what there thinking about the first night. I am wondering if I am ready to be a student again. Will I have the energy? Can I handle my workload and school? Can I handle the assignments? Did I remember how to right a paper? Too late to leave now the teacher just walked in and thus begins my Masters, no turning back now but how did I get here? What made me finally decide to get my MBA?

It took me about eight years to get my Bachelor’s degree. After high school I went away to school only to come back after a year because I didn’t do so hot. I did the community college thing for awhile changing my majors around from time to time. I took a few years off in between. I moved to Arizona with my family. I was getting older so I got serious and went back to community college. My job was offering an onsite business management program offered by the University of Phoenix for those who were interested in attending and wanted to pursue a degree in management. I signed up right away. I stuck to it, with all my community college credits I graduated in two years. I did it. I loved having one class at a time so I was not overwhelmed and I loved the support and help from my learning team

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