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Frequent complaining about memory problems is an early sign of Alzheimer's Disease.

Dana Marseille and Daniel Silverman published their case study entitled “Recognition and treatment of Alzheimer's disease: A case-based review” in the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias in 2006. From this article points will be drawn to evaluate whether frequent complaining of memory problems is an early indicator of Alzheimer’s Disease. Marseille and Silverman (2006) outlined two cases within their journal article, one case of a 79 year old man referred to as Mr F and another of a 78 year old woman know as Mrs G.

It should be noted that Marseille and Silverman (2006) aim was “to present two real case studies of "suspected" Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia and stress the significance of early and accurate diagnosis in disease management.” Both Mr F and Mrs G as well as their subsequent partners, observed and complained of worsening memory particularly in the case of Mr F as he expressed experiencing “difficulty locating keys, keeping the thread of conversations, recalling names, and recalling where he put items” (Marseille & Silverman, 2006, p. 120). Clinical features described for Alzheimer’s Disease within the paper were “Cognitive decline and memory deficits” as Marseille & Silverman (2006) stated these symptoms were “more common in early illness” (p. 123).

Discussed within the article are other signs of importance to consider in relation to assessing the early markers of Alzheimer’s Disease. Marseille and Silverman (2006) through this paper provided the opportunity to discuss Alzheimer’s Disease not only from the individual’s stand point, but carers and spouses as well. Early diagnosis according to Marseille and Silverman (2006) “is often hampered because symptoms of AD are not reported until they become problematic” (p. 123). It goes on to mention doctors or specialist visits are often too brief to assess Alzheimer’s Disease, and...

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