Amazon.Com Case Study

Amazon.Com Case Study

Case Study


I. Introduction
The Internet had been a revolution for us. The Internet has changed the way business operates, and especially it has created a new sector † new industry in the business community. is the first company taking advantage of the Internet and has turned itself to a pure-plays-pure online retail giant.

Starting as an online bookseller, currently has over 12 million loyal customers in more than 160 countries and earned revenue of $10.7 billion in 2006 † this factor has made the biggest on-line international retail store in the world.

II.’s History
1994 † 1995: Company founded and Website made its debut Inc founded in 1994 by Jefferey Bezos, a computer science graduate. Taking from his computer science background, he saw a business opportunity from the Internet. Thus in 1995 the website made its debut in July. Being the first pure-plays-pure online business, the company received great attention from media, and the company’s site attracted many browses, eventually turned into customers. One of the significant reasons for’s today success is its initial business model † using World Wide Web as a storefront for selling books. Bezos had foreseen great affects of Internet on people’s lives ahead of the business community. He realized that one day consumers would get used to the convenience of purchasing a book online and having it delivered to their doors. Fighting with traffic, looking for parking spot, standing in the line, walking from one aisle to aisle to find a book or an item became troublesome for people. The retail bookstores or super markets were already convenient but it was before Internet arrived.

1996: Start going International
Being an online bookshop, Bezos ‘s company could reach to people from every corner of the U.S. and now the world because Internet eliminated the geographical importance. In 1996,

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