ambot og unxa ni

ambot og unxa ni


The Secretariat
General Santos City Youth Achiever’s Award
Youth Affairs and Development Office
City Hall Complex, General Santos City


I have the honor to nominate Federation of Elementary Educators to the group category of the Search this year.

Hereunder is the group’s circumstances:

Name of Group: Federation of Elementary Educators

Classification of Group ( ) School-Based ( ) Community-Based ( ) Religious
(Please check) ( ) National organization ( ) Out-of-School Youth
( ) Youth with Special Needs
( ) Young Professional/Young Entrepreneur/Working Youth
Office Address: Mindanao State University, Fatima General Santos City

Name of Head of Group: Leo Anthony B. Rafols

Contact No. 09124720539/09074295508

Group Activities: 1.TATAK: A Literacy Project for the Badjaos
2. TRENDY: A quarterly talk on trendy issues in education

TATAK: A Literacy Project for the Badjaos

Illiteracy has always been a social issue in the Philippines and it is a problem that the government perhaps can hardly solve. As years passed by, illiteracy rates seem to rise higher. Scholarly done researches made by the Department of Education and National Statistical Coordination Board revealed that one out of six children is not enrolled in school (Sisante, 2008). Education specialists further confirmed that the number of illiterate Filipinos has grown to 15 million in the last 6 years and it is expected to increase as more children stop schooling every year. Furthermore, the effects of illiteracy had a negative impact on nation’s ability to develop its human resources since countries with a high illiteracy rate are more likely to be disadvantaged in the global economy. In fact, if a populace is not literate, it cannot be as...

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