America's Stuggle and It's Courage

America's Stuggle and It's Courage

Name: Breeon
Age: 13
Nationality: American
Ethnic Background: African American
Birth place: Texas, USA
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Place of residence: Foster home

This is all I know about myself. But the most important thing that dominates my personality is that I am an African American. I am also an orphan who lives with my foster parents. They are just tolerable, they are Americans so they expect me to do all the chores and earn money. It is really hard to earn money when you are just 13 years old, but they want everything from you.

You must be thinking why I am telling you this; it is because I am running away from home. Everyday I come back from school, they want me to go sell hot dogs in the street and earn money but I also have to do chores and homework. Still I never said no, but one day I had a lot work to do and I told them that I will not be able to work today and they beat me up. Because I am an African American, my friends tell me that that is not the reason but I know they are telling me because they are trying to make me feel better but it will not help.
Chapter 1
I am all ready, I just arrived home and I am going over my list so I make sure that I have all the things I need before I leave this place forever. I had everything. Now just one thing before I leave. I quietly sneaked in the kitchen and left the tap running, and then I went in the drawing room and switched on the lights, fan and the air conditioner. If I leave this house then the house will be in a bad condition.

Saying good bye I left as right now foster mom and foster dad were still at work.

Everything was going according to the plan. I was on the main road and quickly got a taxi. I directed him to go to amber street as I had heard that there was a very cheap motel there and had booked 1 week stay there. The driver dropped me in front of the motel and I entered and realized why it was so cheap, there was no air con., no fan, mosquitoes all around and...

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