America Sucess or Failure

America Sucess or Failure

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america sucess or failure

America-success or failure is a broad topic. This question can be looked at differently from the multi-cultural races that make up America. The most likely theory is America is a success, but with continual change and improvement, she can become more. To prove this theory we will discuss essential events, from past to present that will champion this theory. The period we will cover is from the 1950’s to present day.

The political mood, social changes, and domestic situations brought forth many changes in American history. To define America’s success, civil rights comes to the forefront. America has had a long history of racial and unequal rights division amongst its diverse ethnic groups. During the 1950’s, severe treatment of African Americans was very noticeable. Slavery may not exist today, but brutal treatment of blacks continued.
Discrimination was a way of life for white America. The South may have lost the war but the battle continued. And Black Americans during these times were less then men in the eyes of many White Americans. Education changed many of the views of White Americans, and the will of certain Black Americans who, regardless of the consequences, were tired of being citizens but not equal. ‘In September 1946 President Harry Truman met with a group of African American leaders to discuss the steps that needed to be taken to achieve their goals. They asked for support of a Federal Anti-Lynching law, abolish a p...

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