American Cars

American Cars

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American Cars VS. Foreign Cars
Every day we have to get to work, and decide on which vechicle is the best and will last. We sit back compare and contrast what is the best decision in our daily lively hoods. The main thing to think about is which car is the best , fuel sufficient and long lasting. American cars or Foreign

Americans cars although, are reliable but when it comes to gas the engine is very big when it is taking to the gas pumps. On the high way the gas arm goes back down. For instance, I have an Mustang which is an V6 it drinks a lot of gas. Even though the prices are coming down once I get on to the highway my gas hand floats.

On the other hand, I also have a Honda Civic if I take it to the gas station I can fill my gas tank up on $15.00 vs. when gas was 2.40.
Both cars are great but you have to think about when they are going to be maintained . Some foreign cars are a little higher than American car. The pieces are hard to find sometimes. Like if most people have Acura, Honda the parts are easy to find but the labor work and just to get it fix is very expensive .But I always keep my Honda up so if everyone does that no one will not have any problems. American parts are found quick and easy because of the parts are being made in the US.
If a person doesn’t keep an American car up to date it will cost a arm and a leg. The difference of an American car is that some much has to be done, like timing belts, catalytic converters, brakes, especially when the mileage is very high on a American it is time to trade it in.

However a foreign car will last over a hundred thousands miles all needs to be done is to keep the oil change, and engine work up. Also if anyone wants to keep a car it can be done just put a new motor in it. The car will last for ever. On a survey of people they much prefer a foreign car it will last up to 13 years before they will change.

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