American Zone

American Zone

Entering the American Zone

It has been established a debate between to parts: on one hand, we have Mr. Smith, a representative of a large multi-national company and Ms. Jones, an official from a charity organization committed to preserving traditional societies.

Mr. Smith begins saying: You can’t halt progress; North America’s companies have expanded world-wide because of the appeal they have on people. In Beirut, teenagers are the most important source of consume. They are the ones that accept new tendencies. Moreover, all companies aim to expand throughout the world, to become known internationally to achieve in the future, being the leader brand of its branch. In Beirut, it was known that the teenagers’ segment is the one that accepts better the new tendencies and that by means of the media they compare themselves to other countries which have all of these goods. Therefore, we as a multinational company thought as wise to establish ourselves in Beirut, were we were going to be accepted by teenagers and maybe by other Lebanese.

On the other hand, Ms. Smith replied: Although the expansion helps for the economical progress of the country and for the own benefit of the company, I truly believe that these companies have no rights to “invade” and in a way destroy the ancestral traditions of a nation. As well, this only benefits the company while it ruins one of the most precious touristic resources: nature. Lebanon characterize, amongst others, by its nature. Typical eating establishments consider nature as part of it; while new establishments, care specifically of their food.

In Lebanon, habits, culture and tradition are one of the characteristics that identify us as a nation. If these multinational companies arrive at our country and replace the typical eating establishments, the new generations will forget the origins of their country. They would live with the idea that Beirut is just the same as North America, and it is not....

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