Amerricas Next Top Model

Amerricas Next Top Model

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Dr. Rhodes
English 1010
March 10, 2008

America’s Next Top Model

What is advertising? Advertising could be bad or good. A good piece of advertising could be colorful and very descriptive. The point of the ad must be clear to the audience from the start. With all this being said this piece of advertising is about modeling. America’s Next Top Model is a television show ran by one of the most top models ever Ms. Tyra Banks. In this particular ad there are fifteen females all wearing black and white in different styles. By looking at this advertisement consumers will notice all of the different words and phrases.
Tyra began to model at the age of fifteen. She graduated in 1991 with intentions on going to Loyola Mary Mount University but she changed them later on. Tyra decided to move to Paris to pursue her Modeling career. While in Paris she had twenty-five consecutive shown within two weeks. Ms. Banks was the first African American to be on the cover of sports illustrated Swimsuit issue. America’s Next Top Model came about in 2003 where she is the executive producer. You can catch this show Wednesday nights on the CW. The entertainment weekly magazine notes “She’s Building an empire. Just do not call her Oprah Jr.”
There are fifteen women in this one particular ad, but as soon as anyone looks at the article they would notice Tyra Banks front and center. Within her hands she holds a stick. In any type of advertisement there will be some kind of authority, and Tyra veins and muscles in her neck shows that she is in control. The other fourteen women are lined up behind her because she has all of the authority. In this ad Tyra looks a bit wicked because of how her hair seems to be blowing.
New Faces, New Attitude, and New York are just a couple of phrases that can be found on this article. New Faces means this is the tenth season finale and there are new women on the show. New Attitudes means that there will be...

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