Similarities and Differences between the Amish and I

There are many differences and similarities between the Amish community and myself. These differences can be classified under the following headings:

The Amish hold a highly strong value on their family life. It is the base of their society. The Amish community conform traditional values and attitudes into their everyday lives. They hold a strong courtship between relationships. Though having a strong relationship with my family, my relationship would seem some-what distant in comparison to that of the Amish. The Amish keep the knowledge of their wedding until just 2 weeks until the marriage; I personally would hardly be able to keep the news in for 1mintue, hardly a month. In some ways I am similar to the Amish the learning from older roles. My mum and grandmother are always teaching me new skills whether it be knitting, cooking, or even gardening.

Roles and Status:-
The roles and status of Amish are strongly based on their gender. This is almost the exact opposite within my life. Gender is closely the last factor that influences someone’s role of level of status. Adolescences is a critical time for the Amish, as it is in western life. But the decisions and changes made during this time in our lives are crucially different. This part of the Amish life is to decide whether they are to be baptized Amish or live in the “English” world. For my life, it is a time of finding independence and forming your own identity. The superior roles in my life consist of my parents, the law, and teachers. The Amish hold strong value in not only their family, but the council of elders and church ministers which form the rules of the “ordnung” which could be seen as the Amish law.

Conflict, cooperation and decision-making:-
When it comes to conflict, cooperation and decision- making, I believe hold many of the strongest differences between the Amish and me. The conflict amongst the Amish is extremely...

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