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I, Amit Agarwal seeking admission for post-graduate management program of your college have enclosed my Statement of Purpose as required by the college. This statement of purpose is a sentiment of the accomplishments that I have made thus far in my life as a student. To prove that I deserve Amity University, I will be presenting you a summary of my academic achievements and also my future goals in life.

I come from a business family: my father is by profession business person and makes money legally through other means also and my uncles all businessmen. From my early childhood I have been in the company of intellectuals and in a business environment. And I believe that education without management is worthless. I had a knack of troubleshooting electronic circuits. My honeymoon with electronics began when I found a technical intellect within me. I have always believed in a global world without boundaries or barriers where people share their knowledge, do business and traded.

Academic Background

Since six years from now I started with science studies in 10th from Saint Marys Convent School, Jharsuguda and 10+2 at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jharsuguda and finally with my graduation in B.E from Arya College Of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur(Rajasthan University). I have been a consistently good achiever in academics thus resulting 70% in 10th, 58% in 12th and 65% in B.E. Just after 10+2, I had decided that I would be pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Engineering and after that study business. With this aim in view I went to Jaipur for my Bachelors and now with business, because I know that today is the management age. That is the field where maximum revolution will take place in the upcoming years and that is the subject that will give me an upper edge when understanding business principles, policies and their analysis later in my career. I want to be self-employed one day and generate employment for others too. For this,...