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King Bhumibol the great is a person who is expert in irrigation field. He has a royal judgment to remedy of water in central region and he confer the point of view to construct a 2 reservoirs are Pasak River and Nakornaiyok River for making a place to reserve water for using in dry season , and his idea will prevent a flood-waters .

he has royal speech to investigation about construct of develop water location concurrently water system project , for research a water to give to people who live in forest place and prevent company.

From his royal speech with this people will have a water to using cultivate and consume throughout the year , his royal speech will help people to be better life , he care about their location and get to rid of poverty-stricken.


From the his majesty’s long sight , he help people who live at Pasak river who have a problem about flood and dry , in some year they have a problem from Pasak river to Jaopaya river , Bangkok . For solve a dry problem and flood , in February 19 , 2532, King Bhumibol has his speech for give a knowledge about Pasak dam to Department of irrigation for solve a dry problem and using usage for farming.

From happening of flood , Department of irrigation hire with consultant of education company come to learn about how to repair and develop environments.


In December 4,2536 , King Bhumibol present his speech about how to develop water location property of Department of irrigation , he said “ If this project doing , it’ll solve a dry problem , people will not be trouble from this problem , this project concerning about construct 2 reservoir is Pasak river and Nakornaiyok river .

In May 3,2537 , Council of the ministers had resolution with ministry of agriculture and cooperative to proceed work this...