An Alternative Energy Source

An Alternative Energy Source

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Thesis Statement: Geothermal energy is an alternative energy source which has more enviromental and economical benefits than the others.
1.Geothermal energy has more economical benefits.
A.Major 1: There is no waste both time and source.
a.It’s avaliable around the colocl different from wind and sun energy.
b.You can use the source again and again
B.Major 2:It’s cheaper than oil which is most common energy source around the world.
a.The other energy soruces values increasing day by day.
b.All people can afford to buy geothermal energy.

2.Geothermal energy has more enviromental benefits.
A.Kept thousands of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
a.It can be used to warm local communities without producing carbon dioxide.
b.Geothermal energy plant itself do not produce any harfull gases.
B.It is not harmed world’s virtual sources for human life
a.It is just used world’s heat water soruces and not waste any liters of them.
b.Geothermal energy can offset other enviromental impacts.

Solution For Energy Problems: Geothermal Energy

Now is the time to find alternative energy sources. It is astonishing to see how fast new sources developed in just a few years. There is no doubt people always want cheaper and cleaner way to producing something like energy. Major considerations in energy planning include resource depletion, supply production peaks, security of supply, cost, impact on air pollution and water pollution, and whether or not the source is renewable which defined geothermal energy perfectly. Around the 25 years people think about the establishing geothermal plants. You wonder why? There is the answer; geothermal energy is an alternative energ source which has more enviromental and economical benefits than the others.

To begin with, geothermal energy has more economical benefits. It’s one of the important factor for energy sources usage. There is no waste both time and source in...

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