An Anlysis of Geographical Setting in Mark Twain's Novel: the Adventures of Tom Sawyer

An Anlysis of Geographical Setting in Mark Twain's Novel: the Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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An Analysis of Geographical Setting in Mark Twain’s Novel: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Name: Meindy Kusbianto

Student Number: 2007-031-010

Subject: KWI 408: Prose


In a novel or fiction, there are many aspects inside it. There are characters, plot, setting, point of view and etc. Setting is one of the important aspects in a novel or fiction. If there is no setting in a novel, it will be a kind of a story without place, time and circumstances. There will become an uninterested story.
In the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, there are some settings of places. There are also some geographical setting such as, the river, the island, the cave, and the wood. In this paper, I would like to analyze the geographical setting in the novel of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer those are the Mississippi river, the Jackson Island, and the McDougal’s cave.
Theoretical Background
Setting in a story is an important element that is as important as the other elements such as plot, characters, point of view and the language itself. Boynton and Mack (1972) stated that, “The setting is not merely a series of stage props in front of which the characters act out the story. It is as much a part of the story as are plot, character, point of view, and language” (p. 58). Commonly, setting is a set time and place in a story, where and when the story happen. Besides that, setting is also a set of circumstances that tell about the background details that modify the nature of the time and place. Gardner (2001) stated that “Setting is made up of three components: Setting = Time, Place, and Circumstances (TPC)”.
Setting is also where the action of a story take place. Annberg (2009) also stated that, “The location of a story's actions, along with the time in which it occurs, is the setting”. Geographical setting is a setting that shows a geographical place such as mountain, river, wood, cave,...

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