An Entire Network of People

An Entire Network of People


In this story, Native Americans are looked upon as en entire network of people. They are, in a sense, grouped together so that none has individual feelings or thoughts; they all are one. And, perhaps that makes sense due to the style of living they have had over the centuries, but each and every person is an individual with his own beliefs. Just because one is born into a family, or style of life, does not mean that that is the correct way for them to live.


Both of these people believe that gender roles and regulations are what mold our country into what it stands for. They believe that recognizing gay people as just that is, in a way forcing them to live the stereotypical life that society believes them to live. Surely, not every lesbian plays softball and not every gay is in love with clothes; these types of beliefs have led society to see homosexuals in a one dimensional view. When we have this outlook we are forced to ignore the good qualities that every person possesses, and in that way are forcing these “outcasts” out of our lives, and not giving them the chance to prove to us that they are far from what our stereotypical beliefs have brainwashed us to believe they are.


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