An Extraordinary Man

An Extraordinary Man

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This man is 65 years old and is running quite a successful company but on a semi-retired basis. He had enrolled as a student in Wawasan Open University's Headstart Programme recently.

He will miss his favourite Sunday morning "Tim Sum" breakfast in Gurney Drive with his family. He will not be able to go shopping and particiapate in other Sunday's activities with his grandchildren. The Temple fraternity will also miss his presence diring Sunday's noon service. Most of all he cannot indulge in his favourite pastime and hobby, that is gardening. It is quite a sacrifice for him after so many years of enjoying his Sundays and now that he has to make adjustment to resechedule all the above activities so that he can attend the Headstart Programme in Wawasan Open University every Sunday from 9.00am till 5.30 pm.

I am indeed humbled by his action to search for knowledge at such an age and despite of his low academic achievement in school earlier in life , which he had left more than 40 years ago. He had to seek help from more qualified and very much younger colleagues to help him in his course work. I saw him on one or two occasion at " Starbucks " meeting up with friends and coursemates not to enjoy the sweet aroma of the coffee but to discuss and help each other in their course work.

Our family salute him, though in his senior years of age he continues to show desire to pursue knowledge although he can just relax and take life easy and enjoy the company of the grandchildren at home. We admire him for his courage to stand out to take the challenge and try to earn back what was once lost in his earlier life. He is an example to our family and all future generations to follow.

He is my Dad, an extraordinary man.

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