An Eye for an Eye

An Eye for an Eye

Vicious killers. Unsuccessful manslayer. Cold-blooded rapists. In many cases these actions can be traced back to gang members. Violence is the selfish desire of these gangsters upon the innocence of society. All malicious criminals who participate in murder, attempted murder, and rape are only worthy of the death penalty. July 18, 1994 at around eight o?clock p.m., Johnny was at a friends house for her seventeenth birthday. Sarah, Johnny?s best friend, showed up about an hour later.

Johnny and Sarah were outside talking when they heard a series of gun shots. Johnny turned to see where the shots had come from when Sarah collapsed. He then realized that Sarah had been shot. He laid her down and started yelling for help but by the time help arrived, Sarah was dead. Sarah?s life came to an abrupt halt when she was murdered by a gang member in a drive by shooting. When the murderer was caught he was sentenced to twenty-five years to life in prison. This man was let out on parole in the year 2000. Was Sarah?s life only worth six years? Not only that but who knows if and when he will strike again.

In 1997 a television series ?The Fresh Price of Belaire? aired a show where Will Smith, the star, and Carlton Banks, the co-star, had gone to an ATM. A man ran up and pointed his gun at Carlton and told him to give him all of his money. Will jumped in front of Carlton and was shot in the stomach. Will?s family was terrified and Carlton then felt responsible. Carlton had extreme psychological difficulties and guilt.

Although this was just a TV show, it demonstrates the physical and emotional pain that not only the victim suffers, but the family as well.

Hettervik 2 Though attempted murder may not seem as severe as death, it can leave physical and emotional scars and should result in a death sentence also. According to the 1997 National Youth Gang Survey, an estimated 2,660 member-based gang assaults were committed in...

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