An Iintroduction to the Theory or Principle of Jaw Crusher Working

An Iintroduction to the Theory or Principle of Jaw Crusher Working

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Because the upper ores falling in the chamber are largest, it is often impossible to reach the ores crushing amount of compression, the upper part of the ores requires repeated several times to be broken. Crushing loads are concentrated in the lower portion of the crushing chamber , the jaw plate without even work , thereby reducing the production capacity of the crusher , while the vertical stroke is small , grinding stripping effect is small, the discharging speed is slow.

The pendulum jaw crusher is driven by the accentric shaft and the upper part of the crusher is near to the circle. In comparison with the lower part of the pendulum jaw crusher, the upper level is approximately 1.5 times. It can reach the requirement of the upper large ores in the crushing chamber.

Meanwhile the entire movable jaw’s vertical stroke is larger than its horizontal stroke, which is conducive to promoting the removal of mines and increase production capacity. Practice has proved that, under the Fote conditions, the production capacity of compound pendulum jaw crusher is higher than the simple pendulum jaw crusher. But jaw plate wears faster than the simple pendulum jaw crusher.

Two types of jaw crusher, all work intermittently. When crushing ores, the force of simple pendulum jaw is more reasonable, so it is generally made as large or medium size. although compound pendulum jaw crusher high productivity and quality advantages of small, but When crushing ores, the movable jaw is under great pressure ,which makes it’s easy to be damaged, although this crusher is more widely used , but are generally made as medium or small size . It should be noted that with the emergence of the large-scale rolling bearings, there is the trend that the compound pendulum jaw crusher come to be large-scaled.
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