An Information Management Approach to Being a Successful Business.

An Information Management Approach to Being a Successful Business.

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Managing Information.
Assignment 1.
An Information Management Approach to Being a Successful Business.

In this report will focus around a business called Apple Tree education. This is a telecommunications company which trains big businesses how to use Avaya phone systems. This report will look at the various key information activities and systems which at value in the work place. It will also look at a work place information system that needs to be changed with suggestions as to how this might happen.

Types of information systems.
There are 3 main types of information systems: Tactical, operational and strategic. Tactical information is used for directing areas of the business to support the strategy for managing the business. Tactical information leads to action on daily, weekly and monthly etc basis. Examples of tactical information are budgeting, human resource management and marketing. Budgeting focuses on how a business wants to spend its money and where it wants to invest into the business- which is obviously tactical planning. Human resource management focuses on staff performance, training programs etc. This is tactical because it looks at improving the staff which will help to improve the business. Marketing focuses on brand quality, premium price and response to competitors this is tactical because its looking at what is happening in the market and reactions to the product and then adjusting things to make them fit better.
Operational information focuses mainly on the day to day running of a business of things that will happen in the immediate future and how to make things run and work smoothly. Examples of operational information are invoices and staffing. Invoices contain information such as date, price, product, quantity all of which are essential for the immediate needs of the business. Staffing is operational information because things such as levels of staffing, staff motivation and staff moral affect the day to...

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