An Mba Personality

An Mba Personality

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An MBA Personality

Briana Miller
University of Phoenix
CB0MBA007X; MGT 521: Management
William McHugh, D.M
November 4, 2008

An MBA Personality
Testing then publishing definitions, patterns, correlations, and dissimilarities among various human aspects, scholars develop acceptable means of discussing the ways we live. Personality is a term devised to explain the “unique, relatively stable patterns of behavior, multiply determined over the course of an individual’s life” (Piotrowski, 2005, p. 610). More specifically, scholars build individual personality type constructs leading to human categorization and thus ease of theory application. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a researched approach by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers derived from Carl Jung’s personality theory, allows students and professionals alike to apply psychological theory throughout various business organizations (Gehring, 2007, p.50). Utilized here to examine my individual personality traits as they relate to standard Masters of Business Administration (MBA) curricula and successful managerial criteria, the MBTI proves beneficial. In today’s economic uncertainty, the credibility of a MBA is valued and not only by the student, yet also by the employer (Baruch, Peiperl, 2000). Notably, my MBTI personality type equipped with a MBA degree will provide me a fruitful and prosperous professional career.
Briana Miller an ENTP
Of the MBTI 16 personality types, I tested as an Extraverted Intuitive Thinking and Perceiving (ENTP) individual. Examining each portion, I can make a case for the assessment’s accuracy. Beginning with Extraverted, I tend to be a social butterfly. My mother says I was born talking and I have not stopped since. I seek the not yet known all around me. Then I work towards achieving clarity, definition, and application in the known. As a result, I build a bridge between the two as I grow. My external focus yet individual connection, exhibits a confidence...

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