An Unwanted Pregnancy Justifies

An Unwanted Pregnancy Justifies

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Running head: Abortion

Diana Lopez
University of Phoenix
Dr. Roland Chanove
EPT2UC08A, Introduction to Research for College Writing
November 10, 2008

Issue Summary

Details of Pro side
Title: An Unwanted Pregnancy Justifies an Abortion
Author: Patricia Lunneborg
Thesis: Each year, 75 million women have unwanted pregnancies; many factors will influence her decision for keeping the child or seeking an abortion.

Details of Con side
Title: Abortion is a Social Failure
Author: Misty Mealey
Thesis: Abortion is an empty promise that continues to choke the life out of our great nation.

Critical Issue Analysis Tasks or Questions

Facts on Pro side

Contraception often fails The majority of abortions are first time abortions

Facts on Con side

Child abuse have increased since 1980
In 2003, almost 1 million children were victims of neglect and abuse

Opinions on Pro side

Majority of women have abortions because their contraceptive fails, resulting unwanted pregnancy.
Women probably are going to be extremely depressed when your forced to a pregnancy or making a lifetime commitment against their will.

Opinions on Con side

Abortion empowers women
Abortions Do Not Result in a Better Society

Problems on Pro side

This article argues that unwanted pregnancy justifies an abortion and it explains that many women are unable to care for a child at the time they

become pregnant, should this be a justified reason why it should be okay?

Problems on Con side

In this article the problem would be the research in which an abortions do not result in a better society. As promised by the Supreme Court in January 1973, that abortion could only lead to stronger women, families and society.

Propaganda on Pro side

They did a lot of research and used information on several surveys.

Propaganda on Con side...

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