Analysing Adverts

Analysing Adverts

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English Media Coursework

Analyse the media devices and techniques used in two particular advertisements and comment on their effectiveness!

The advertising business is a multi million dollar industry that produces effective adverts, and uses certain strategies when a company is selling a product, or an organization is planning a particular event. The adverts that companies issue, whether on the television, on the radio or in magazines and newspapers, have a great impact on their target audience. However for the advert to make an impact on its target audience, the designers must ensure that it is suitable for them. They would also have to make clear the product of which the company is selling to the public. To make sure that this happens and their advert makes a lasting impression, the company may use a slogan or logo that would make their product identifiable to their audience. Adverts should and must contain key elements such as, target audience, (who the advert is actually aimed at), and also the style of the advert should be taken into account. This is a massive element. If the advert isn’t attractive enough then the public aren’t going to waste their time looking at it. A substantial amount of a companies profits rely on the impression the advert makes. All adverts are there to try and sell you something or to gorge you into doing something. For example if a make up company tries selling you lipstick, the advertisement their going to use is going to contain emotional blackmail. The designers may use a picture of someone’s mouth, and make it look fiery and exceptional. This straight away makes the target audience want to go and buy the product, so that they can have a mouth that’s as exquisite. In this piece of writing I am going to analyse two particular advertisements. The first is a mobile phone advert issued by “Motorola”. The second is a car advert issued by “Porsche”. With these adverts I will compare and contrast them. I will compare each...

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