Analysis entrepreneur John de Mol

Analysis entrepreneur John de Mol

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Analysis biography John de Mol

‘De gangen van John de Mol’ by Ton van den Brandt and Marc van Dinther.

Introduction of analysis
John de Mol is one of the most successful Dutch entrepreneurs ever. He is the founder and current owner of two major companies, namely Talpa Media and Talpa beheer. On television he appears to be a friendly and kind person, but various stories confirm him as a tirant, hard and cold on the workfloor. He is a workaholic, always busy discovering new opportunities and exploiting them. He has a few close friends, the rest of the world doesn’t know that much about him. His incredible talent and drive in combination with the myth of his personal life made him an excellent subject for this analysis. What drives the entrepreneur inside of John de Mol? How does his personal side and his business side collide, or are they the same? In order to discover the person behind the entrepreneur the following research question is formed:

How are the entrepreneur John de Mol and the person John de Mol related and what drives them both to succes?

John de Mol will be analyzed through the biography ‘De gangen van John de Mol’, written by Ton van den Brandt and Marc van Dinther. The information from this biography will be compared by using two different entrepreneurial perspectives. The two perspectives are the social-cultural perspective and the behavioral-perspective. The key concepts of those two perspectives are explained in the theory section. In the analysis section different passages and aspects of John de Mol are analyzed through the different key concepts of the theory. This way it’s possible to compare the entrepreneur John de Mol and the person John de Mol to the theory and give a complete image of what drives them and how they work. The articles used for analyzing were found using Google Scholar and UBVU.

Short Biography
John de Mol (born April 24, 1955) is a Dutch media tycoon. According to Forbes magazine,...

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