Analysis of Alive

Analysis of Alive

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Analysis of "Alive," The Movie

In the film Alive, struggle is shown in a very explicit and raw sense; it shows how many different ways people deal with struggle. A European rugby team crashes down in the Andes, and they each struggle with the instant physical change in their own way. This film is very different in the way it presents struggle. Most of the film shots are medium-close, and the music is fairly constant. Thus it is up to the actors to present struggle within the film. The director uses many different techniques to show the struggle becoming present within the group. Pathos is incited within the audience through the use of presenting the rugby team as innocent kids, building a personalization between the characters and the audience. The idea of the situation which the rugby team has been placed in constructs a sense of panic within the audience; the predicament causes terror within the audience.

Pathos, which is evoked within the audience in the first scenes, is placed by the effect of personalizing the characters in the film. This draws the audience closer to the characters and helps the audience to 'feel' the struggles, and terror, being faced by the young rugby team. It is evoked in the first scenes through the voices of the characters:

"Those mountains below us don't look beautiful, they look like big white teeth waiting to swallow us up."

This give the audience something to think about before any of the action occurs with the crash scene. After the crash scene, pathos is evoked in the audience with the effect of each individual characters struggle to survive, and the visual effect of seeing their suffering up-close.

Ten days after the crash, the characters in the film need to eat, and there isn't any food, so they resort to cannibalism. This presents an idea with is considered a taboo in our society, and thus the struggle of the characters in the film is seen as frightening rather than hard. This idea which is shunned in our...

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